Maybe you’ve heard about ClifRock or maybe your curiosity landed you here. Either way, we’re glad you made it. We are authorized installers of the impressive ClifRock panel system.

ATP Landscaping has more than two decades of experience with stamped concrete and masonry applications. We’re great at what we do.

So why would we add ClifRock to our lineup?

About ClifRock

ClifRock’s technology pairs really well with our stamped concrete capabilities. In instances where cost, weight and turnaround time need to be considered, ClifRock’s technology has a number of advantages over traditional masonry methods.

If you’re looking for an outdoor living space that you’ll love, we’re ready to help. ClifRock allows for unique outdoor designs. Applications include:

  • Fireplace / Fire pit / Other Outdoor Fire Features
  • Outdoor Kitchen / Countertop
  • Water Feature / Waterfall
  • Swimming Pool Slides
  • Grotto / Caves
  • Foundation and Wall Coverings
  • Pillar Wraps
  • Patio Enhancements

…and the list goes on. The possibilities are truly endless!

ClifRock panels have the same look as natural stone. In fact, the system was designed by a long time stone mason who hand-picked select stones to develop ClifRock’s panel masonry technology.

Reasons To Consider ClifRock


If you’re on a budget, these precast panels are much more affordable than natural stone projects. You get the look of real stone pieces at a much more appealing price.

Simplified Installation Method

Most of the build will be completed at our warehouse, so you’ll have little disruption at your property. We’ll arrive with all the pieces needed to complete your installation. Outdoor space projects usually take weeks, but most ClifRock projects can be completed in 1-2 days with less wear and tear on your landscaping.

We’re completely serious when we say that an overnight backyard transformation is possible.

Ultimate Design Flexibility and Placement

As a homeowner, you get to customize your color palette and choose a stone profile that suits your space. ClifRock applications are light enough that they can be installed on an existing patio or deck with no additional substrate or footings.

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ClifRock Advantages

– Cost-effective
– Installs quickly
– Offers great durability
– Easy to customize

ClifRock Panel Options

Ledge Stone

ClifRock Ledge Stone

Random Rock

Random Rock

Dry Stack

Cut Stone Ashlar

Cut Stone Ashlar

Barn Wood


Common Questions

What are the panels made of?

Panels are precast in our warehouse using a fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete mix.

Is ClifRock durable?

Absolutely. These engineered stone panels were designed by one of the world’s leading concrete chemists and tested specifically for outdoor use. They have great resistance to harsh temperatures and climates. They are also scratch and impact resistant.

As an authorized ClifRock installer, what areas do you serve?

Our team covers the entire state of Connecticut. We can help you create a beautiful outdoor living area at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials.